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Oversized Floral Pendant Necklace

Oversized Floral Pendant Necklace

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Necklace 26" / 66 cm
Drop 2.25" / 5.75 cm
Length 15.25'' / 38.75 cm

Indulge in the beauty of contrasts with our handmade necklace, a true expression of my passion for unique and striking jewelry. Picture the elegance of gray map stone beads gracefully entwined with the depth of black onyx, culminating in a show-stopping 28-inch masterpiece that effortlessly drapes along the neckline.

The focal point of this creation is an intricately designed silver-colored flowered pendant, measuring a generous 2.25 inches in drop. Crafted with meticulous attention, this pendant adds a touch of botanical charm to the ensemble, reflecting my love for nature-inspired elements.

Every bead in this necklace is chosen with care, and the pendant is a testament to the artistry that defines our handmade collection. Make a bold statement with this piece that echoes both sophistication and individuality, embodying the essence of my personal style. Elevate your look with this distinctive creation, a celebration of craftsmanship and the beauty found in the marriage of contrasting elements.

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