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Mexican Inspired Skull Necklace with Natural Blue Sodalite Beads

Mexican Inspired Skull Necklace with Natural Blue Sodalite Beads

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Necklace 18" / 45.75 cm
Drop 1.50" / 3.75 cm
Length 10.50'' / 26.75 cm

Embrace the essence of 'Dias de Muerte' with our handmade necklace, a fusion of Mexican-inspired flair and my love for unique jewelry. Envision the natural blue sodalite beads, carefully strung together to form an 18-inch necklace that effortlessly graces the neckline with rustic charm.

At the heart of this creation hangs a silver-colored skull pendant, measuring a distinctive 1.50 inches in drop. The skull, an iconic symbol in Mexican culture, adds a touch of edgy elegance to the ensemble, celebrating the spirit of 'Dias de Muerte' in a style that is both distinctive and meaningful.

Crafted with meticulous attention, each veined jasper bead contributes to the necklace's earthy allure. The pendant, with its detailed skull design, reflects the artistry that defines our handmade collection. Elevate your style and honor the rich cultural tradition with a necklace that captures the essence of 'Dias de Muerte' while making a bold and stylish statement.


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